Sunday, 1 November 2015

Blacks Trample Wobblies

Today in a sports game between a Black team and a Wobbly team the Black team stood tall trampling the Wobblies by some points.

The Black team has a history of being a very good team so the Wobbly team should be at ease with itself, as even good teams struggle when playing the Black team.

Many points were scored, there was plenty of running and even some kicking. At several times both teams came together to have a cuddle around the ball before breaking away and running and kicking again.

The game was enjoyed by a large crowd who took it in turn to sit and stand while waving flags and holding up signs reading "Try" in what must have been a form of encouragement.

In the end the Wobbly team just could not overcome the ferocious Black team and were seen after the match waltzing back to from where they came.

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