Thursday, 16 July 2015

Australia Makes it a Terrorist Act to Report on MP Expenses

Australia's government is planning to head off public disdain for politician's exuberant spending by simply making it illegal to report on MP spending.

Following recent incidents where the treasurer was found using taxpayer's money to pay rent to stay in his wife's house, and the house speaker took a $5000 helicopter ride to attend a party fundraiser, self-knighted Prime Minister Sir Tony Abbott has made a captains call to outlaw the reporting of MP's expenses.

"This kind of behaviour is unacceptable" said Lord Abbott. "If our party members want to spend $88,000 on a long weekend in Europe they should be able to. Those who seek to undermine the government by reporting on these operational matters will not be tolerated."

Having recently made it illegal to report on the abuse of children in asylum seeker concentration camps, Grand Chancellor Abbott said that "this kind of thing represents a real threat to Australia and its democracy."

"These journalists are a death cult" he went on. "They poison our society with their fanatical ideologies. It is therefore necessary that reporting on MP extravagance is deemed a terrorist act."

The punishments for terrorist acts have increased in severity in recent years. Anyone caught participating in terrorist activity, such as illegal downloading, or having a go at politicians on live TV shows, will have their citizenship revoked.

Emperor Abbott insists these new laws will ensure the safety of all Australians. Or at least, the rich white ones.

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