Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ocean Explosions, Just Good Clean Fun

A Queensland resident has been awarded a licence by the local government to operate his new start-up business Ocean Explosions.

Representatives of the environmental department have said the green light for the company to operate in the waters comes with a strict limit on how close they can get to the Great Barrier Reef. Under no circumstances are they to be within 100 meters of the reef while operating.

We spoke to the business owner who goes by the name of Salty Dog and asked him what exactly it is that his company offers.

"We take paying clients out to the open water and encourage them to throw a range of explosives from the aft of the boat, you would be surprised at how many people enjoy a good explosion. Throwing them in the ocean reduces risks and means everyone has some good clean fun."

When questioned about the risk to sea life, in particular fish, Salty had this to say.

"She's a big ocean boys, plenty of room for both fish and dynamite. Besides we don't come across many fish when we are out, followed by a stupid amount of birds, but other than that we don't see much in the way of sea life."

We asked him if he had considered that it may be possible that the birds were following the boat in order to get an easy meal once the dynamite throwing had been concluded, to which he responded.

"They're birds mate, the early bird gets the worm, not the fish... It's not like they're a flock of flying cats."