Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shirtfront Likely to be Non-Event

Tony Abbots threat to "shirtfront" President Vladimir Putin has been steadily declining. It was first downgraded to a possible chest bump, then quickly reduced to a very, very, robust conversation. A very was then dropped leaving it to be a very robust conversation. It was latter revealed that the conversation would simply be robust, shortly afterwords reduced again to become a conversation.

Scores of punters that had invested in what was shaping up to be an exciting event, Shirtfront 2014, have been said to be calling local ticketing agencies furious at having spent hundreds of dollars to see Tony take on Putin live.

 Ticketing agencies have been quick to claim that there is little they can do if one of the contenders begins to tone down their language and have reminded punters that the tickets are non-refundable. Things look set to get even worse for out of pocket punters with sources close to the Australian Prime Minister suggesting that Tony may do little more than wink in the general direction of Vladimir.

No one representing the Russian President was available for comment.