Thursday, 10 July 2014

Heavy Restrictions May be Placed on the Use of Face Paint

Face-paint has been placed under the spotlight in Australia, many Liberal M.P.s claiming that it instils fear in the community. A Liberal backbencher is calling for an all out ban on the use of face-paint saying "There are legitimate security issues that people have when someone walks into a public place where you cannot identify them."

A Senator for the P.U.P. has thrown her support behind an all out ban, “I think we use some common sense here and we see everybody’s face out in the street. That’s all I’m asking for.” she said.

The Prime Minister is calling for calm saying that while he finds face-paint to be confronting "It’s hardly the most important issue facing our country right now.”, and he is being supported by his front bench, with the Foreign Minister explaining "“Some may be offended by it, some may be confronted by it, but in Australia we have a choice.”

The Union for Mimes Clowns and General Fun are outraged by the current political discourse issuing a statement today expressing deep concern, reminding politicians that many entertainers rely upon the use of face-paint in their day to day lives.

A Melbourne street mime raised his hands in defiance when asked for an opinion about the parliamentary discussion on face-paint, and Clowns Across Australia are said to be organizing a protest to take place outside parliament house latter in the week.

Delores, a mother of two, explained to us that she thought banning face-paint would be outrageous and that people really needed to consider how it would impact on the children and street performers. "It is a sad day to call yourself Australian." she said.