Saturday, 29 September 2012

Earth Downgraded From “Hopelessly Ignorant” to “Dangerously Retarded”

Face palms and head desks abound across the galaxy this evening as the Galactic Rationality Agency downgraded Earth from “Hopelessly Ignorant” to “Dangerously Retarded”.

Following a presentation to the UN from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where he attempted to solicit an unprovoked war on Iran using a picture of a cartoon bomb, the Agency said it had no choice but to downgrade Earth’s Rationality Rating to one above “Lobotomized”.

“We’ve been holding off for a while”, said a representitive, “we let them off the first few stupid wars while their society matured, hoping that they would learn from their mistakes.”

“Yet they still tolerate such buffoonery from their most influential global organisation. We’re just so disappointed.”

The downgrade is likely to cause frustrated sighs and slow shaking of heads across the galaxy.